Thursday, 6 May 2010


Well, bowling season has started. I've re-joined Co-op Bowls Club who have two teams in the Scunthorpe TWS Printers League and one team in the Humberside Bowls Development Association triples league. Had my first game in the TWS League on Monday. It was the first time I'd played since taking a break from bowling 5 years ago!! And I must say I didn't do too bad, although the team lost the match, my rink won!

Not only have I started bowling again, flat green by the way, but in a moment of madness at the AGM, I volunteered to run the Triples Team. We played the first game yesterday and we won 6 - 2. Not a bad start.

Spotted a wasp entering my shed today. Was hoping it wasn't taking up residence, but unfortunately it is. Much as I would like to leave it and watch the development of the hive, I'm afraid it will have to go.

Common Wasp - Vespula vulgaris Common Wasp - Vespula vulgaris

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  1. Bowling eh! have you got the requisite white cap too?